August 16, 2011

Make a Plan, Be Willing to Wait & Use a Coupon!

Being Savvy is something I enjoy! Looking for a great bargain on items you would like to buy adds to the fun of the shopping experience, but also really saves you a lot of money and helps your clothing budget go a long way. Thats why planning ahead, being willing to wait, Patience, and using a coupon can really make a difference!

Ok, so I do have to clarify that I would not consider myself a "coupon-er" especially when it comes to groceries. I don't have the time or interest to spend hours preparing for a grocery trip, its just not for me! In fact there are many things I don't use coupons for. Sure, if I see the occasional grocery or household item coupon that I can use, I will. But most "coupons" I usually find in the Sunday paper or mailers are for processed foods in the freezer section, or loaded with other ingredients I prefer not to consume. However, coupons can be awesome and save you a lot of money especially with various retailers that run them regularly. In fact it doesn't make sense NOT to use a coupon especially if there is one available! Places I (almost) never make a purchase without a coupon: AcMoore, Michaels Craft Store, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, SteinMart, Kohl's, Macy's, JcPenney & Ulta. Many retailers now offer coupon codes via text messaging or email: Express, the Limited, JcPenney and NY & Company, Gymboree, Ann Taylor, Gap & Banana Republic Outlets. If you want to recieve these emails you can sign up for them on the individual websites and also get coupons mailed to you, or text messaged to you (which I think is awesome!)

I do believe in being Savvy, especially when it comes to Style-note the name of my blog! If you have specific items you are looking to update, add or replace in your wardrobe you can save alot of money by planning ahead and using a coupon.

Here is an example of my recent savings: I had really been in need of a new pair of jeans.  The pair that I wanted to replace I had bought on a clearance at The Gap a couple years ago so finding them at the same price of under $20 was not looking very promising.
Item Needed: New Jeans, Essential/Perfect Bootcut Jeans from The Gap.
Original price in stores: $69
Gap Outlet Price: $44.95

I had noticed that every couple weeks I had been getting an email coupon from Gap Outlet. So I decided to wait and try to use a coupon. Sure enough! I got another email from Gap Outlet for 25% off my entire purchase. Before I drove the 45 minutes to our nearest outlets I decided I had better call to make sure they had my size and ask them to set a couple pairs aside for me to try on (last time I was there they were out of my size). To my delight I was told that all denim was on sale 30% off and I could still use my coupon in addition to that!
Perfect Bootcut Jean, The Gap, Regular Price: $44.95
-30% off + 25% off........(Drum Roll Please)........
My Gap Essential Bootcut Jeans cost me a whopping $23!
While I was there I also purchased a really cute patterned tank on clearance and matching cardigan in a beautiful  bright shade of green, my coupon would also apply- I couldn't resist!
Gap Tank Top: $5.50
Gap Cardigan: $15

I think my savvy shopping is already catching on with my 3 year old daughter. The other day while she was pretending she was grocery shopping, she informed her little friend she was playing with that she couldn't buy the item she wanted because it "wasn't on sale"! Then just the other night she was playing with me and picked up one of her princess dresses, she launched into a whole story about wanting to buy it the other day but it wasn't on sale, but how happy she was it was on sale today and she could now buy it! That a girl! My little "clone" will know how to find what she wants at savvy price! :)

Perfect Boot Jeans, The Gap

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