September 8, 2011

Serving up Savvy Hospitality

I must admit ( and anyone who knows me, knows this) that I love a good cappuccino! We have a cappuccino machine at our house and I love to have friends in for a latte or cappucino, some homemade treats and of course good conversation. Sometimes its the little things that can make your time with a friend special.  A nice glass, tea cup or coffee cup can turn simple into chic.  You don't have to spend alot, in fact there are plenty of bargains out their to serve up some hospitality with style. My husband and I recently found these coffee cup & saucer sets at Goodwill for fifty cents a set! We picked up four sets for $2!

Coffee Cup & Saucer: Goodwill $2 for 4 sets
Fancy Spoon: World Market, $2
Table Cloth: Ross $10

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