September 8, 2012

Real Life

Sometimes life gives us bumps on the road. Unexpected turns. Ok, lets talk fashion terms: Sometimes your favorite top shrink, you loose an earring or break a heel.  The difference is that when it comes to living a fashionable, savvy and chic life is that those things have little value when Real Life brings unexpected change. We can't control other people's choices, their actions or the consequences they bring. And when real life, real crisis comes along it can make things like having a blog or caring about fashion seem so worthless, pointless and of little value.

This last year has been the most difficult time of my life. A marriage on the rocks, a husband away most of the time and two small children to take care of. Now in the middle of divorce and there being so many changes in life, I find it hard to think it "necessary" to write on a blog and think it worth my time and energy.
What value does it bring? Well I have decided that the things that help me cope best with all the difficulties I am facing is when I do something creative: baking, crafting, or reading about fashion. So why not blog about it? We all need to be savvy, and now as a newly single mom trying to get my bearing on life, I have NO budget for clothes.....but I can still be creative with what I have. Maybe even more motivation to document and write about being Stylish, Savvy & Chic. Its about enjoying life where you are, being creative in your wardrobe and creating a chic home that reflects your personal style while working with a budget, or next to no budget. Sound like fun doesn't it?  If nothing else, I hope that this will find a way to inspire others to do life well, and enjoy the small things in life along the way.

Stylish. Savvy. Chic

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