April 13, 2011

Cleaning Day

There are those days that being home to clean and organize are essential. Rather than throwing on a plain grubby t-shirt ( of which I own very few -if any),  or the dreaded tie dye or logo t-shirts ( which I have none of) I tend towards t-shirt like tops that have an interesting pattern on them that can be dressed up or worn casual.  Whether doing housework, running errands to the local grocery-mart, or catching a movie with friends, patterned tops & tees provide a comfortable and easy put together look that is still practical to the task at hand. Pair them with some flats or wedges and your favorite dark jean and you are good to go!

Style Tip:  When looking for basic tops, look for interesting details, or patterns that "take it up a notch" from just a t-shirt. When you are in a hurry to go out the door or just want to be comfortable, "throwing on" an interesting top takes just as little time, but looks like more effort was made--and it looks put together. You can keep your accessories to a minimum or add accessories from the color paletter in your patterned top to dress it up. Add an extra pop with a colored shoe or bag.

Jeans: Gap, ( older) $15 on Clearance
Top: Buckle ( older)
Wedge Sandals: DSW , B.O.C. $59 ( my spring splurge)

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  1. Fantastic Danielle! Good advice, and WAY cute new shoes! Thank you for sharing this.