October 7, 2011

Fall Trend: Pleated Skirts & Dresses


Style trends inspired by the 70's are HUGE this fall. You may be noticing that everything from platform shoes, flared jeans, lady-like flowy blouses, dolman sleeves and capes are making a come back. Another trend I am seeing is pleated skirts, both long, midi length and short. But mostly in a midi ( or medium) length, landing just past the knee or about upper to mid-calf.  I decided I wanted to give this particular trend a try.  When wearing these 70's inspired looks, you have the option of going all out 70's or taking it to a modern look with modern edgy accessories.

A couple weeks ago I had an opportunity to talk with a Stylist from People's Style Watch Magazine at a Mall in Denver. I had a personal 15 minute consultation with her, and was able to ask her about this seasons fall trends. She also had a closet of clothes there to show me examples of the trends and outfits. I was really curious about this 70's style pleated skirt look and how to wear it in a modern stylish way, without looking like I was wearing a "grandma dress".  I had recently gone to Goodwill and picked up a vintage dress, with a blousen top, elastic sinched waste and pleated skirt.  The Stylist I spoke to gave me some great ideas for updating this dress to give it a modern edgy look. Here are the tips she gave me:
  1. She recommended tights ( textured are always great) and some rocking, edgy ankle boots.
  2. Never wear the belt that came with the dress--put a modern belt with it. She recommended one with metal details for a modern look.
  3. A chunky or multi-chain 5 or more layer necklace
  4. Layering a sweater over the top with the sleeve of the dress popping out at the bottom of the sweater sleeve. Chunky sweater knits and cable knits are also back in now.
We also talked about a few other trends, but I will have to blog about that in another post!! Unfortunately I didn't have much time, and probably didn't talk with more than 10 minutes, but it was alot of fun to hear what she had to say.

So, here is my "new" dress, 100% polyester,  I purchased at Goodwill for $4.  I am really excited to wear this outfit, and will probably wear it to church this weekend.  I still need to look for a couple other accessories, i.e. earrings and maybe a different necklace, but overall I like the looks and how they came together. Another thing I may change is removing the shoulder I would love to read your comments. This is definately stretching me in the area of style and trends, but it is also really fun to experiment with!


70's Style Dress: Goodwill, $4
Black Textured Tights: Bananna Republic, $10
Black Platform Ankle boots: Kelly & Katie, DSW $49
Stretch Belt with metal details: Apt. 9, Kohls $18
Multi-strand Necklace, Ny & Company
Bangle Bracelet, NY & Company
Black v-neck sweater: Banana Republic Outlet, $20

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